Chapter 1.Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers

Our customers form the foundation of our business, and LX will always highly regard and respect their views. We seek to earn unconditional trust from our customers by continuously providing them with practical values.

1. Respecting Customers

  • (1) We value the opinions of our customers and validate their true needs at all times. We regard our customers as the primary standard for our decisions and conduct.

2.Creating Value

  • (1) We work hard to create value for our customers. Through customer satisfaction, we can build the foundation of our sustainable prosperity.
  • (2) We continuously create practical value that fully benefits and satisfies our customers.

3.Providing Value

  • (1) We are always true to our customers and never fail to keep our word.
  • (2) We offer the highest quality products and services at affordable prices and respond to our customers' requests with speed and accuracy.

Code of Ethics