Chapter 3. Fair Transactions

All business transactions are based on the principles of fair competition, with equal opportunity guaranteed to all entities. We build trust and cooperative relationships through fair and transparent transactions. Such relationships are built based on long-term mutual growth.

1.Equal Opportunity

  • (1) We offer equal opportunities to all qualified companies seeking to become our business partners.
  • (2) We register and select all applicants in a systematic manner, following a fair and objective evaluation process.

2.Fair Transaction Process

  • (1) We conduct all business transactions under equal circumstances. The terms and procedures of the transaction are thoroughly discussed between the parties involved.
  • (2) We never engage in any form of unfair transaction taking advantage of any superior position.
  • (3) We exchange transaction information through appropriate procedures in a timely manner. Transaction results are evaluated on a regular basis and mutual cooperation measures are taken.

3.Pursuing Mutual Growth

  • (1) We support the long-term growth of our dealers and vendors by enhancing their competitiveness through technological and managerial assistance. We share the profits derived from business innovations.
  • (2) We pursue mutual efforts and cooperate with our business partners in promoting a healthy business environment and maintaining fair business processes.

Code of Ethics