Chapter 4. Basic Ethics of Employees

Based on strong beliefs in honesty and fairness, LX employees must build righteous values, continuously self-develop and perform their duties in a fair manner to achieve their given mission.

1.Basic Ethics

  • (1) LX employees take pride in the company and always maintain honesty and fairness.
  • (2) LX employees have a high standard of morality and continuously strive to maintain their personal dignity and the company's honor.

2.Accomplishing Mission

  • (1) LX employees accomplish their duties in accordance with the visions and policies of the company.
  • (2) LX employees carry out their assigned duties in the best possible and fairest manner while observing relevant laws and regulations.
  • (3) LX employees protect and preserve company property and maintain confidentiality on information gained during employment.
  • (4) LX employees openly communicate and cooperate with colleagues and related departments to enhance work efficiency.


  • (1) LX employees understand the meaning of an ideal employee and constantly strive to meet these standards through self-development.

4.Fair Handling of Job

  • (1) LX employees carry out their duties based on honesty and fairness, always seeking to contribute to fostering a sound business culture.
  • (2) LX employees do not accept any form of financial benefits from stakeholders, which can influence their clear judgment.
  • (3) LX employees do not engage in immoral or unethical behavior, as defined by social norms, in performing their duties or living their personal lives.

5.Avoiding Conflict of Interests with the company

  • (1) LX employees avoid personal behavior or relationships that are in conflict with company interests.
  • (2) LX employees do not use company property to pursue their personal interests.

Code of Ethics