Code of Ethics

At LX, we share and believe in two key corporate management philosophies “Creating Value for Customers” and “Respecting Human Dignity.” Based on these philosophies and in the spirit of our Management Charter, we strive to promote autonomous management along with its accompanying responsibilities.

Our interest is to uphold the tenets of the free market economy, which embodies the spirit of free and fair competition. Committed to attaining our goal of becoming a world-class global company, LX will continuously pursue mutual benefits of our stakeholders on the basis of trust and cooperation.

We hereby resolve to adhere to our Code of Ethics as a standard for moral conduct and judgement of values.

Chapter 1 Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers

  • 1. Respecting Customers
  • 2. Creating Value
  • 3. Providing Value

Chapter 2 Fair Competition

  • 1. Pursuing Free Competition
  • 2. Complying with Laws and Regulations

Chapter 3 Fair Transactions

  • 1. Equal Opportunity
  • 2. Fair Transaction Process
  • 3. Pursuing Mutual Growth

Chapter 4 Basic Ethics of Employees

  • 1. Basic Ethics
  • 2. Accomplishing Mission
  • 3. Self-development
  • 4. Fair Handling of Job
  • 5. Avoiding Conflict of Interests with the company

Chapter 5 Responsibilities for Employees

  • 1. Respecting Humanity
  • 2. Fair Treatment
  • 3. Promoting Creativity

Chapter 6 Responsibilities for the Environment, Society and Shareholders

  • 1. Conserving of the Environment
  • 2. Complying with Social Responsibility
  • 3. Protecting Shareholder Returns

Code of Ethics